Every year Caesarstone invites South Africa’s Design institutions and universities to participate in the annual Student Designer competition. We are now heading into our 16th year and cannot wait to see what the 2024 entrants have to offer.

Our Judges

Design industry heavyweights will come together to judge the Caesarstone Student Designer 2024 Competition entries.


We are proud to announce all our past winners and finalists of the Caesarstone Student Designer Competition. Have a look at their incredible projects, and see which universities made it to the top.

2023 Winner: Theo Magwira (middle), 2023 2nd Place: Mariet van Zijl (left), 2023 3rd Place: Nakedi Phefadu (right)

Megan Noel
Megan Noel
Head of Marketing at Caesarstone

“The design we need for our future is looking anything but ordinary,” says Megan Noel, Head of Marketing at Caesarstone. “And that’s what gets us excited at Caesarstone because we’re never looking for ordinary design.”

Douw de Kock
2016 Student Designer Winner

“Thank you to Caesarstone for hosting this initiative and giving us the chance to showcase our talents. This competition has granted me the opportunity to see the world and I cannot be more grateful”

Stefan Antoni

“As a student, this is a great way to get your work out there, to get exposed and the make waves in the architectural world”

3rd place_Christiaan Schutte_SML
Christiaan Schutte
2015 Student Designer 2nd Runner up

“I would like to thank Caesarstone a great deal for allowing students to enter such an exciting competition. It really means a lot to have won third place”.

Lisa Younger
Activate Space
Senior designer

“If you’re an architecture or interior design student, you have to enter the competition. It pushes you, you get to stretch yourself, you get to be taken out of your comfort zone, and you get to find solutions to your problems. Overall that is what design is about”.

Greg Wright
Greg Wright Architects
Principle architect

“This competition is a fantastic opportunity to explore your create talent, the prizes are fantastic, and the party is great fun. Don’t miss it”.

Amy de Villiers
2015 Student Designer Winner

“I am really excited to have won this competition. Thank you again to Caesarstone for giving me this opportunity. The overseas trip has certainly made me more inspired with everything I saw and experienced than I have ever been”

Dorothy van’t Riet
Dorothy van’t Riet Design Consultants
Owner and creative director

“This competition is an excellent forum for architecture and interior design students to compete with like-minded people on an open platform”

Trevor King
Winelands Design Studio
Managing Director

“Caesarstone has created this student design competition, because design is such a fundamental theme for us. It’s a core value for us”

Mphethi Morojele
Mphethi Morojele
MMA Architects

“The Caesarstone Student Designer competition will be valuable to students this year in that it seeks to draw inspiration from our identity as South Africans in contemporary Africa.”

2nd place_Paolo Kirsten_SML
Paulo Kristen
2015 Student Designer 1st Runner up

“It’s such a prestigious competition and it is such an honour to be selected as the second place winner”.

Dorothy van’t Riet
Dorothy van’t Riet Design Consultants
Owner and creative director

“Thank you to Caesarstone for investing in students like this. This competition has become a gateway to the ‘real world’ of design and a springboard to establishing a flourishing career for many finalists”

Erik van Renssen
2015 Student Designer 1st Runner up

“Thank you to Caesarstone for the opportunity to be a part of such a big competition. Thanks for all the effort and arrangements of the awards evening where we could share our ideas and designs with the industry’s top designers”

James Mayer
2014 Student Designer Winner

“Thanks to Caesarstone and the Barcelona Design Fair, I have begun to approach design differently and look forward to seeing the products of my experiences”